This is review of current status. The features was tested on PinePhone BraveHeart with image made using Github Actions. What works and what doesn’t work?

Here is a list if you don’t like watching video reviews.

boots into graphicstakes 3 minutes (mce daemon)
glacier-dialer/phone calls×ofonoctl list says denied
settings: 3G/4G connection×ofonoctl list says denied
glacier-contacts~can create/edit/delete/import contacts
glacier-messages / SMS×seems to be dead without modem
other telepathy messaging is not accessible
glaceir-camera×black screen only
megapixelsno video, pictures only, “poor quality” (but it probably issue of the sensor)
settings: wifidon’t show anything in saved connections
settings: bluetoothdiscovery worked (didn’t try to connect)
glacier-email~proof of concept
glacier-gallerytracker sometimes doesn’t show any picture
glacier-musicplays music, don’t know if headphones/phone calls will switch profile
fingertermworks great
settings: usb networkingmanjaro@ + 123456
settings: usb MTP×doesn’t work for me
settings: languages×proposed solution with ~/.xprofile
glacier-browserqtwebengine, not very fast, not always “mobile”
settings: wallpapersame as glacier-gallery, cannot set default wallpaper easily
glacier-calcworks like a charm
notificationsworks, needs applications
glacier-alarm×no application for that, should wakeup device
glacier-calendar×no application for that
NFC~didn’t tried
positioning (GPS)~it showed position from geoclu, not sure if works
glacier-maps×missing, could be done with modRana or pure-maps?
power saving / wakeup ~Some issue which turns of screen. Cannot test with Brave Heart edition. Battery life should be measured.
volume control×Doens’t work
power key×dsme/priviledged user issue, overlay
maliit keyboard~mostly works, incorrect minimizing, doens’t work with gtk apps
package management~pacman -S package, broken pacman gpg keys, UI application is not available
gtk apps×keyboard doesn’t show, theme is not mobile
anbox/waydroid×megi kernel doesn’t have necessary modules
flatpakdesktop icon isn’t created, keyboard not working
glacier-weather×some app with OS integration should be done yet
flashlight/torch×To be done yet.

You can compare state of nemomobile with ubuntu touch or with postmarketOS.


By Jozef Mlích

Software Developer at GreyCortex, NemoMobile contributor, Micro light aircraft pilot, OpenAlt Conference organizer