There has been significant progress in porting NemoMobile to Qt6, with various improvements implemented in Lipstick and Glacier Home, including changes to the notification screen based on new UX discussions. A prototype of a Github Actions-based continuous integration system has also been developed, and various small fixes have been made to other components. In addition, experiments have been conducted in porting Nemo to the Titan Slim device. The Advent of Code has summarized the current list of most visible bugs, and the project is currently discussing the roadmap for 2023. We invite you to join the discussion.

Porting to Qt6

There isn’t much to say. Many pull requests have been opened:

And related development branches:

It builds fine, but the plugins and controls development can now be started.

Titan Slim

TheKit managed to start Nemo on Titan Slim. The device was able to display, but something was missing for the touchscreen. The device lacks kernel sources.

New UX progress

The discussion about the new user experience is still open. The notifications screen was updated to match the new design. See the provided screenshots.

There is also a new animation when the application is launched.

Advent of Code

The advent of code challenge brought some attention to the project. Here is a summary of tasks:

  • Mysterious /usr prefix
  • Synchronization of calendars with Google
  • Sending of SMS messages doesn’t work
  • ~ usb-moded doesn’t switch to developer mode
    There were a few fixes made to the usb-moded startup. There is still an issue with modules-load and MTP.
  • ~ GStreamer camera pipeline doesn’t work
    It seems that the SailfishOS, libcamera, and kernel teams have managed to fix the issue. It is just a matter of compiling the right source codes.
  • Swipe in the loop on the home screen doesn’t work
  • PulseAudio profiles are not switched for voice calls
  • Notifications are not able to open glacier-messages
  • Haptic feedback doesn’t work
  • Unable to uninstall packages from the UI
  • Modem is connected all the time and it is not possible to disconnect
  • MTP USB mode doesn’t work
  • Call history (e.g. missed calls) is not stored
  • Email client is broken

Improvements, bug fixes, and packaging

Roadmap for 2023

The project is currently discussing the roadmap for 2023 and the discussion is open for input. Please visit to join the conversation.

Happy new year 2023!



By Jozef Mlích

Software Developer at GreyCortex, NemoMobile contributor, Micro light aircraft pilot, OpenAlt Conference organizer