Nových informací kolem PinePhone se stále fůra. Co se dělo v květnu. Nejzajímavější tweety a odkazy na telegramu jsem si odkládal.. Tentokrát je to bez nějakých dalších komentářů (zabírá mi to příliš času)

Is the factory test images updated with the camera test?

Damn is that both cameras at the same time?

PinePhone Telegram

Discord thinks the PinePhone is an iPhone

PinePhone Telegram

Brian What about calls ? Adam Pigg nope not yet

PinePhone Telegram (about SailfishOS)

It works, sort of … It kind of works .. It is very slow ..

How’s the battery life on it? And is call and texts working?

David Drapeau on Twitter

It has crust (still WIP) so battery life seems rather excellent – probably north of 13hrs of run-time. Calls are pretty spotless. SMS are … flaky. LTE browsing is super solid.

Lukasz Erecinski on Twitter

Simple X Mobile – A Pinephone UI that is simple and suckless

the little app demo from this blog: <> worked really well. Got all my contacts 🥳

<> Telegram
byu/WhiteRat43 from discussion

[D] <> @33YN2 yup, wallpaper was 100% due to scaling like you said. I grabbed this <> (Thank you so much Mozzwald, it is wonderful) and it works and looks great.



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